Cradles Laid Out

On October 22, 2022

Cradle layout will take place on Oct. 23 from 9am to 3pm. The mast crane will be shut down all day, and
there should not be any masts left on the spit, to allow the fork lift to move the cradles in place.
You have from Oct. 24 to Oct. 29 to put your cradle together. Please inspect all bolts, making sure none
are stripped or undersized. Inspect your cradle for any cracks or broken welds; do not leave it until the last
minute. Lubricate the pad screws with a light oil or grease; this makes it easier for the haul out crews. Do
not put your pads on the cradle until the day of haul out, as they sometimes grow legs and wander away.
Please paint your name and member number on both ends of the cradle frame, not the folding uprights.
This makes it easier for the cradle layout crew when we pull the cradles from the pile.