Bluffers Park Yacht Club

43°42.48'N, 79°13.42'W

With lowering lake levels BPYC is now able to accommodate visiting vessels but power is still not available. Visitors are advised to take extra care on the docks at this time and expressly assume all risks, danger and hazards that may arise from their use. We appreciate your understanding..

There are several benefits to being a member of BPYC.

First, we operate on an equity partnership basis. We all own equal shares! Since everyone is an equal partner, we all have a voice in the club. Also, any Senior Member can run for a position on the Board, and ultimately for a flag-officer position.

Our club caters exclusively to sailors (keelboat) so all of our activities are for the benefit of the sport. We have an active fleet that participates in Wednesday evening races with the other clubs in the basin. We also have a well-attended summer cruise program for those who would rather relax at the helm.

We adhere to the self-help concept so everyone has the opportunity to give a hand and participate in making the Club a better place while keeping our overhead low.