A big congrats to all our basin racers who just completed the Susan Hood. Here are the results...

·         Jim McGuinness - Five Fifteen - 1st - IRC1 

·         Bert Barrett- Upstart - 4th, FS - FC2

·         Terry  Keuhn- Prime Time ll  - 2nd FS - FC4

·         Mike Kearn - Transmission - 2nd FS- DH 1

·         Brian Mitchell - Doubletime - 2nd - FS SH1

·         Marc Renzella - Arai - 1st - NFS - FC1

·         Mike Bauer - Midnight Express- 1st NFS - FC2

Over the weekend of January 25-27th, five L0300 veterans and GLSS sailors *Ted Spanos, Gene Joelson, Chuck Watson, Bert Barrett, and Brent Hughes) traveled to Chicago IL for the Annual Great Lakes Single Handed Society AGM and the Strictly Sail Show at Navy Pier.



The Lake Ontario 300 starts this Saturday. We have 7 boats entered -

Bert Barrett , Upstart Doublehanded,  Main Duck, Flying Sails

Brian Mitchell, Different Drummer Singlehanded, Main Duck, Flying Sails

Mike Kahu, Rebellion Fully crewed, Main Duck, Flying Sails

Stew Lindsay, Sebana Fully crewed, Scotch Bonnet, Flying Sails – BPYC crew, Linda Dudas, Troy Green and Rob Brodie

Marty Cameron, Allegro Fully crewed, Scotch Bonnet, White sails – BPYC crew, Paul  Elsfeld, Greg Berry

Peter Vetter, Temerity Fully crewed, Scotch Bonnet, White sails


The race can be followed by going to the Lake Ontario 300 website http://www.lo300.org. There is a link that will take you to the tracking program.

They are using another company to track us, so hopefully it is working by the time we start the race!

Geoffrey Fairbank will be racing in the Chicago to Mackinaw race http://www.cycracetomackinac.com on Phoenix, a J109 from RCYC - July 16th!  Good luck Geoffrey!


Hi All, Dave Blizzard has entered the LO300, Henk was kind enough to let me know about this late entry - so that makes 8 entries! I am not sure which course Dave is racing on, but he in previous years he raced fully crewed white sails, Scotch Bonnet Course