"You haven't won the race if in winning you lose the respect of your competitors"

Paul Elvstrom - 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist

Welcome to the BPYC Online Forum!

The BPYC forum is an excellent resource for all members to ask questions and share information about our club and sailing in general.  Prior to posting please take a minute to read the expectations for forum use below.  Here you'll also find some tips on forum etiquette to make sure you're not unintentionally committing a forum faux pas.


  • Be civil -   Members of BPYC have an obligation to remain courteous at all times.  This obligation extends to forum activity.
  • Be respectful - Keep your language clean and content appropriate for all members of our BPYC family.
  • Be relevant - Posts should have a tangible connection to BPYC, our membership, or the sailing community in general.  


Etiquette Tips


  • Make quality posts - Ask yourself if your comments add to the discussion.  Posts should be meaningful, on topic, and offer something new.
  • Start a new topic - Don't take a discussion in a radically different direction.  Rather than replying with something unrelated, start a new topic!
  • Choose the right category - Select the most appropriate category when starting a new topic. This will help other members find your post in the future as well as keep our forum nice and tidy.
  • Do your research - Use the search function before you ask a question.  It's very possible that your question has already been asked and answered!
  • Say "thank you" - Use the "thank you" button rather than replying that you agree with something that's been said.
  • Use email - If your comments are not beneficial to the membership as a whole, please choose to use email instead of posting to the forum or replying to a topic.